Local Artists

Current Installation

Celia Boland

Renowned quilter Celia Boland has been creating art for decades alongside her mother - a painter - and her daughter - a photographer. The quilts made by the Moscow resident are highly detailed, displaying a variety of patterns, styles and sizes to make this a quintessential display.

"Art has always been an important part of my life. I want to be surrounded by it, whether I am collecting, making, or just enjoying it. My mother was inspirational to me. She paints and does pen and ink. I grew up watching and dabbling. I chose fiber as my medium. What started as a hobby to provide baby quilts to my cousins has turned into a passion and a lifes work. I use fabric as others use paint. Color is an important aspect of all my work. I began creating landscapes out of fabric to mimic photographs real or imagined."

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Ongoing Installations

Ralph Crawford and his wife

Ralph Crawford

Ralph Crawford became a local figure after moving to Lewiston from Southern California in 1960. His most famous sculpture, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Olympia, has several copies around the world, including, Ohio, Hong Kong, and even at Mr. Schwarzenegger's house in Austria. Mr. Crawford loaned several of his Western works to the Library, even providing the buffalo pelt under his epic Buffalo Run.

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Sharon Taylor Hall

Sharon's work can be seen throughout the local community, both in her volunteer work and her works of art, the latter of which can be seen at the Historical Center, Lewiston High School and Pioneer Park.  She created our wonderful Reading Mother, as well as a few dozen miniatures of it that are available for purchase.

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John Patterson

John Patterson, retired Lewiston High teacher for over 30 years, is a self-described formalist, ‘interested in non-objective designs.’ He works in many mediums, with 2 oil paintings visible in the Community Room and 4 wood bookcases throughout the Lewiston Library. The books inside are carved by Mr. Patterson to honor 1st Edition Friend donations.

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Dan Piel (1929-2002)

Dan Piel has hauntingly beautiful portraits across America, including Mozart in Cal Poly Theatre, Lyndon Johnson at the Johnson Library, and the stunning Chief Joseph series on display here at Lewiston Library. We are thankful to the Nez Perce County Historical Society for loaning these works to us.

3 portraits of Chief Joseph as an adult

Ray Esparsen

Colorado native Ray Esparsen has taught art for almost 3 decades, and his work is a regular fixture around Lewiston today. With the title Professor Emeritus from Lewis-Clark State College, Ray has become an artist full-time, and his work can be seen around town during Art Walk. Whether dealing with surrealism, landscapes or abstraction, Rays artwork is instantly recognizable.

A Surrealist mural by Ray Esparsen (Photograph by Randy Goss)

Artists of 2023

Mary BakkerTwo watercolor paintings of nature, featuring sky, waterfalls, and hot air balloons

Gloria Dawson Teats

Two gorgeous pastel paintings of the outdoors

Leah Harvey

A gorgeous pair of pastel paintings

Lynne HaagensenArtist Haagensen standing under and holding up different artworks.

Central Idaho Artists Association3 Oil paintings by

Artists of 2022

ARCADE 1UP Clarkston

Space Invaders Deluxe, Gravitar, Out Run

Sean Cassidy

A nest-like assortment of leaves and branches

Tirazheh Eslami 

Mixed media artwork

Previous Installations

Kelsey Grafton

Vicki Gertje

Patty Reid

Rachel Jameton  

Colleen Mahoney

Nancy Riggers

Seaport Quilters Guild

Bill & Jean Kleinhert