Envision Lewiston 2044 - Comprehensive Plan Rewrite

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What is Envision Lewiston 2044? 

Envision Lewiston 2044 is the name of Lewiston’s Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) that is currently in the works.  The current plan was adopted in 1999, it was originally only intended to guide the City through the year 2020. (Current Plan Link here https://www.cityoflewiston.org/360/Comprehensive-Plan) Lewiston’s new Plan will provide the vision and the tools to anticipate and guide change in ways that preserve the most loved elements of Lewiston but also allow for high-quality development, effective active transportation, and economic development to help improve and maintain a high quality of life. It will center around a community-built vision of what the future of Lewiston could be in 2044. 

What is a Comprehensive Plan? 

The Comprehensive Plan (the Plan) is a community-informed document that offers guidance—or a roadmap—for decision-makers to best accommodate the challenges and opportunities associated with growth and quality of life. For instance, the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council reference the Plan on a regular basis to make decisions on land use development codes and land use applications by property owners. The Plan considers many facets of the community, including but not limited to, land use, jobs, housing, transportation, recreation, community design, well-being, resiliency, and more. As shown on the timeline [to come] further below, the planning process is anticipated to last 18 months.

How will Plan Lewiston 2044 benefit the community? 

  • For residents, the Plan will identify community character elements and locations for future housing, parks, trails, community facilities, and more. 
  • For business and property owners, the Plan will include land use recommendations and development policies. 
  • For City Leaders and decision-makers, the Plan will give guidance on collaboration and budget decisions, the timing for capital improvements, and the review of development proposals. 

Envision Lewiston 2044 Project Timeline

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Watch for upcoming press releases and public engagement opportunities. Contact Joel Plaskon, City Planner, with questions. 

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For any questions about the Envision Lewiston 2044 process, please contact City Planner Joel Plaskon at jplaskon@cityoflewiston.org or 208-746-1318 ext 7202.