Irrigation Restrictions

Starting Tuesday, May 2, 2023, mandatory outdoor irrigation restrictions will be in place for all City of Lewiston water customers identified in this service area map.  

There are no restrictions on using inside domestic water (water used for drinking, food preparation, bathing, washing clothes and dishes, flushing toilets, etc.); the restrictions listed below only apply to using water for outside irrigation purposes. These restrictions do not apply to customers served by the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District. 

Check out the High Reservoir Restoration Project page.

Restrictions are as follows:

  • Customers identified in this service area map must hand water for outdoor irrigation. The use of an automatic watering system, like an automatic sprinkler system, is not permitted. 
  • Hand-watering is using a hand-held hose equipped with an automatic shut-off mechanism, such as a pistol nozzle, a trigger-spray hose nozzle, or other automatic positive shut-off nozzles. 
  • Review this frequently asked questions flyer for more information about common outdoor irrigation queries. 

General Watering and Conservation Tips: 

  • Avoid watering on windy days. 
  • Use a broom or blower to clean off sidewalks/driveways, instead of water. 
  • Cover your swimming pool, this helps to reduce evaporation. A pool cover can reduce water loss by 90%. 
  • Wash your car on the lawn, instead of in the driveway or on the street. Don’t allow the water to run continuously. Turn it on and off to soak down and rinse off. Water will be absorbed by the lawn, which will help you conserve water. Or, consider using a commercial car wash that recycles water. 
  • Avoid using recreational water toys that require a constant stream of water. 
  • Look at your outdoor water connections and repair any leaks. 
  • Water trees and shrubs, which have deep root systems, longer and less frequently than shallow-rooted plants which require smaller amounts of water more often. 

As described in Lewiston City Code § 36-58(c), the Public Works Director may restrict outdoor irrigation when doing so is necessary to conserve water from the city’s water supply and/or for fire protection. City of Lewiston Public Works Director Dustin Johnson signed this official Notice of Outddor Irrigation Restrictions on Tuesday, April 25, 2023. 

“We understand that this may be an inconvenience for many customers,” Public Works Director Dustin Johnson said. “However, this is a unique and temporary situation, and we appreciate your cooperation during this challenging time.” 

These water conservation efforts are necessary to keep up with irrigation demand while the City’s high reservoir is out of service. 

“Our team is putting in a great deal of effort to identify a plan in time for the peak irrigation season, but we do not have a definite timeline for when the irrigation restrictions will be lifted.” Director Johnson said. 

These restrictions will remain in effect until further notice by Director Johnson. 

“If the demand for irrigation water outweighs the amount of water available, it could depressurize the system which would result in a boil order, impact the fire flows, and more,” Director Johnson said. “That’s why it is imperative that we all work together to conserve as much water as possible.” 

The City will be conserving irrigation water at all city-owned and operated locations within the irrigation restriction boundary. Not all community facilities utilize the same water source. For example: 

  • All property along the levee trail system is served by a different water source and managed by the Corps of Engineers, not the City of Lewiston. 
  • The Normal Hill Cemetery and all parks in North Lewiston utilize separate water sources from the City’s system to irrigate. 
  • City Parks and facilities served by the City’s water system will be observing restrictions by hand-watering and putting a focus on watering trees and shrubs. 
  • Any parks or open spaces that are served by the Lewiston Orchards Irrigation District or privately operated wells are not under this restriction. 

By adhering to these restrictions and using irrigation water sparingly, we can work to ensure everyone has access to water needed to meet basic needs. Specifically, conserving water will help maintain safe fire flows and ensure that hospitals and care facilities can remain fully operational. By working together to reduce the demand for irrigation water, we can help ensure that our community remains safe and resilient. 

We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and teamwork to conserve as much water as possible. Thank you for helping us maintain a sustainable water supply for everyone. 

This information is subject to change. This webpage was updated on April 26, 2023, to reflect the most recent updates and information. Please reference the official City of Lewiston Irrigation Restrictions webpage frequently for the most up-to-date notices, at