12th Street Sidewalk Infill; Airway to Warner Avenue, 1/2 Block of Bryden Ave 

Project Description

12th Street is a local residential street between Warner Avenue and Thain Road where the lack of sidewalk has resulted in a safety hazard for all pedestrians but especially child pedestrians who walk and/or bike to several nearby schools. This project will connect existing sidewalk on both 12th Street and Bryden Avenue and will resolve the missing sidewalk connections needed to complete continuous pedestrian access between multiple schools, the Boys & Girls Club, Community Park, Nez Perce County Fairgrounds, Orchards Pool, the Lewiston School District Office, residential neighborhoods, and the commercial corridor. 

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What is the project?

Construction will consist of five foot (5') wide concrete sidewalk, vertical concrete curb and gutter, pedestrian ramps, crosswalk markings, and bike route signs on the west side of 12th Street as well as the north side of Bryden Avenue (1/2 block between Thain Road and 12th Street). 

City of Lewiston staff are designing sidewalks, ramps, driveway access, and utility adjustments. This project will impact yards and driveways adjacent to the sidewalk.

When will construction begin?Aerial map of the 12th Street Sidewalk Infill from Airway to Warner and a portion of Bryden Ave.

Construction is scheduled for Summer 2024.

Where will construction be taking place?

The construction will occur along the west side of 12th Street between Warner Avenue and Airway Avenue along with a 1/2 block of Bryden Avenue between 12th Street and Thain Road.

You can determine where your home or business is located in relation to the project by entering your address in the interactive City of Lewiston General Map's search bar.

How will I get where I need to go?

Detour information will be provided in the future as the start date draws closer. However, motorists and pedestrians should anticipate delays during construction - we appreciate your patience while this much needed work is underway.

How will I be notified?

On November 22, 2023, the Public Works Department mailed advanced notice letters to property owners and residents located within or adjacent to the project bounds. The Lewiston Independent School District No. 1's Transportation Supervisor and Boys & Girls Club - Orchards Branch were mailed this advanced notice letter as well.

Information will continue to be provided as the project progresses. Stay updated with the latest news directly from the City of Lewiston by following us on Instagram and Facebook

Project Costs Broken Down

City Council approved the appropriation of $500,000 in the Capital Transportation Fiscal Year 2024 budget for this project. 

City staff are currently working on an application to the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council's (LHTAC) Children Pedestrian Safety Program which, if awarded, would result in grant funding for a portion of the project.

Questions or Concerns? 

Public Works Department
208-746-1316 ext. 0

12th Street Sidewalk Infill Project - Site Photos

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