I am getting scam calls. What should I do?

Do not give any caller any personal or financial information or confirm any information they already have, not even your name. If they are legitimate they should already have your information. If you did not contact them or already do business with them it is recommended that you hang up on them and call them back through a known phone number published in the phonebook or other directory. If they continue to call check with your phone company regarding call blocking features. You can screen your calls as well using caller ID functions on your phone. 

Personal Information

If you have provided personal financial information and believe you are being defrauded or had your identity stolen, you should contact all of the involved financial institutions and have your accounts blocked, frozen or closed and follow their instructions on how to address the issues. If you have incurred a financial loss or had your identity used fraudulently call the Police Department at 208-746-0171 and explain your situation.

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