May 19, 2023 | Demolition is Complete

The demolition and cleanup of the City's high reservoir roof structure is complete. All the materials depicted in the photo provided in the slideshow shown above have been removed from the site. Moving forward, the next step will be to prep the concrete structure and piping. Staff is also finalizing the construction design for approval through the Department of Environmental Quality. 

Please note that irrigation restrictions remain in effect for City of Lewiston water customers within the service area identified on the service area map, which can be accessed at 

As temperatures rise, the demand for irrigation water increases. Our city staff closely monitors the water system's functionality in response to these rising temperatures. Thanks to our customers' understanding and cooperation, we have successfully averted a system failure despite the high demand for irrigation water during this season. Historical water usage data confirms that, without the community’s water conservation efforts, the normal demand would have surpassed the available water supply. 

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