July 31, 2023 | Irrigation Restrictions Lifted

Public Works Director Dustin Johnson has signed an order for the Termination of Outdoor Irrigation Restrictions

Now that the City’s high reservoir is restored, irrigation restrictions have been lifted for all City of Lewiston water customers. Final modifications, including installing the liner and floating cover, were completed earlier this month. After these important steps were taken, proper disinfection and testing was completed, ensuring that the water and the infrastructure meets industry standards for daily use. 

Although the irrigation restrictions have been lifted, the City of Lewiston respectfully asks water users to gradually resume their irrigation practices in the coming days. During the restriction period, the public water system was utilized at a reduced rate. By slowly increasing irrigation consumption, we can ensure the smooth operation of the mechanical systems to handle the typical summer water demands and allow sufficient time for the grass to absorb the water. 

“The City of Lewiston appreciates the community's understanding as we have navigated these monumental challenges over the last six months,” Public Works Director Dustin Johnson said. “Credit goes to the people who put in long hours in difficult conditions to get the water system back to normal.” 

“This signifies an important step forward in our journey to recovery,” Mayor Dan Johnson said. “The City is committed to investing in its valuable assets, including critical infrastructure. This unforeseen incident came with challenges, but our community’s resilience shines through.” 

View all High Reservoir Restoration Project updates on the City's website at: https://www.cityoflewiston.org/755/High-Reservoir-Restoration-Project

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