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Proclamation Request

  1. Requestor Information

    Person to be contacted regarding the proclamation.

  3. Please provide name and contact information.

  4. Proposed text to enable writing of the proclamation, including a minimum of four (4) points. The body of the proclamation (the "whereas" sections) is limited to 200 words. Note: Proclamations are limited to one letter size sheet of paper and must be in 12 point font.

  5. Proclamation Request Approval

    Once submitted, the City Clerk will review the completed application and will forward the proclamation request to the Mayor or Council President for review. If the request is approved by the Mayor or Council President, the City Clerk will prepare the final proclamation for the Mayor or Council President's signature and will notify the requestor of the approval and City Council meeting date.

    The review and response period may take up to 21-days.

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