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Transportation Capital Improvement Plan | Call for Requests Form

  1. Introduction

    The Transportation Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a list of major transportation capital improvement projects prioritized using criteria to objectively score each project. It is updated annually to reflect progress from the previous year, adjust remaining projects based on new data or needs, and to add new projects. 

    This Call for Requests Form is your opportunity to submit new capital improvement projects or request changes to existing projects for inclusion in the next annual Transportation CIP update. 

    The current CIP can be viewed in-person at City Hall and Public Works or on the City website at

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    Transportation CIP email communications are used for announcing news regarding the annual update of the Transportation CIP, including when documents are available for review and opportunities to provide input. The City's Public Works Department may also contact you to follow up on your submitted comment(s) to obtain more information and/or update you on the status of your input. Your contact information will not be shared for any other purpose other than those described above. You may request your email address be removed from the contact list at any time by unsubscribing within the email or contacting the Public Works Department.
  3. Please select the nature of your comment:*
    If you are providing comments regarding new projects or changing existing projects, please submit one form for each project.
  4. The adjacent image shows where the seven-digit CIP ID number can be located. The current plan can be viewed here:

  5. CIP Identification Number Location (JPG)
    A red arrow and red box outlines where the seven-digit CIP identification number can be located.
  6. Please provide the location of the project you are commenting on and the bounds.
  7. Transportation Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Annual Update Process (PNG)
    This diagram shows the annual process in updating the Transportation CIP.
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