Bond Election Information

Bond Election Information

HAVE A SAY IN MAY! Voters will be asked two separate ballot questions on May 21st:

Lewiston’s Water System Needs:

Like many municipalities, our water treatment system has aged. Our facilities and infrastructure have
performed well despite minimal improvements over the last 40 years. Maintaining that high level of service
and performance depends upon the city undertaking a system-wide overhaul and modernization project.
Water system needs include:

• Complete facility overhaul
• Upgrading water supply intake on Clearwater River
• New groundwater production well
• New storage reservoir
• New membrane treatment technology
• Replacing portions of 110-year-old Main St. water main network

Lewiston’s Wastewater System Needs:

Lewiston’s wastewater system provides consistent and reliable sewage processing from homes,
businesses, and schools citywide. This service is critical to protecting investments in property, businesses
and the Clearwater River, enjoyed by anglers, boaters, residents, and visitors alike. To continue operating at
a high level, obsolete equipment needs replacement and essential infrastructure upgraded. Wastewater
system needs include:

• Building a third primary clarifier
• Repairing/upgrading aeration basins
• Installing new ultraviolet disinfection system
• Replacing pumps, conveyors, and control systems

Will property taxes be used or raised to pay for these projects?
No. The bonds will be repaid by water and wastewater revenues (otherwise known as
utility service rates).

The City raised water/wastewater rates in 2018 to generate revenue in anticipation of the debt
service needed to complete these projects, which means another significant rate increase is not expected.

The City has also been approved for a low-interest loan and grant from the State Revolving Loan
, a proven and economical solution projected to save citizens $30+ million dollars.
How? The 1.5% loan is much lower than the 3% to 3.6% on the municipal bond market. If these
bond measures fail, and the City cannot secure the low-interest option, the next option would be
the higher interest rate options, which could potentially mean another significant rate increase.




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